Five Minutes in Pallushek’s Kitchen with the Chef

Posted on November 11th, 2014

Relaxing on the shores of beaches is great and all, but for Mr. Pallushek it’s the little things that will make it into a truly extravagant experience – little things like having one of the best private chef, preparing sumptuous, nutritious meals for him!

“Experience, culinary talent, organizational ability, and trustworthiness are the keys to a successful career as a personal chef” says Chef Jerome, a dynamic and passionate chef from India.

He adds “My cooking style for every culinary, I would describe as fresh and healthy using the freshest and best products salmon from Canada, Truffle from Lugano, Serrano Ham from Spain. I can source everything from around the world because Mr. Pallushek is open for culinary experiences therefore I’m always able to meet or exceed his expectations ”

When asked to share Chef Jerome’s memoirs and stories about food and some of his own favorite personal recipes. Read on to find out how Mr. Pallushek’s exciting (and tasty!) meals are shaping up…


How did you train to become a private chef?

My private-chef position required a higher degree of training in a well-rounded culinary environment and additional ongoing training in multiple international cusines. What you get out of any culinary school is what you put into it, and as a student I was extremely focused. So in some areas I felt very qualified. I had worked in quite a few kitchens before working for Mr. Pallushek but I didn’t love the professional kitchen. I loved the pace and intensity, but I had the envy of working in a kitchen that’s really clean, probably homey, but decked out with professional equipments. Working for Mr. Pallushek seems to be the best choice I made in my career.


When did your passion for cooking surmount all else?

As a 10 year old, my favorite part of the house was the kitchen. I always got my way with my mom, but sometimes, I would frequently get in her way around the kitchen. Just watching and taking it all in. She would have to shoo me away. When I was 12 or 13 I really started to mess around. Traditionally, it wasn’t common for boys to be in the kitchen so it wasn’t as easy. Today, times have changed. Everyone loves a man who can cook, especially the mothers (he says with a laugh and a wink)!

What does healthy eating mean to Mr. Thomas Pallushek?

Not everyone’s family background influences ‘Culinary lifestyle’ but for Mr. Pallushek it plays an important role, The chef also added that Mr. Pallushek is an ardent preacher of the right fat, less sugar, no “E’s“ and no pre fabricated food. The chef also stated that Mr. Pallushek always recommends others to follow a well balanced diet too….
His daily routine of drinking a large glass of wheat grass juice amazes Chef Jerome, and thereafter followed by fresh cut vegetables and multi grain bread for his breakfast makes it a healthy morning feast..

What is Mr. Pallushek’s favorite food?

“Mr. Pallushek’s favourite dish is “Grilled Maultaschen” which is made of pasta dough and the filling reflects a German influence with smoked meat, spinach, and marjoram or nutmeg flavors. He is also quite tempted about Seafood, especially fresh salmon from Canada
The Chef adds that Maultaschen a traditional German dish originated in the 17th century consumed mostly by the monks during that time” and he smiles….

How do you decide where to draw the line on ingredients?

I look at every ingredient, and there are different factors. Of course, it has to taste great; it has to be a clean product. But if I have a choice between local, unsprayed citrus fruit that’s not certified organic – but it really is – I’d rather have that

Does he like trying various ethnic cuisines or he has his own preferred choices?

The Chef enthusiastically nods his head and continues… “YES… he tries out various cuisines, and Mr. Pallushek believes that food represents a culture and sharing food of other countries is the best way to connect with its people…..Trying something new can be scary for everyone but you will never know unless you do so, You may even discover a new favorite… he smiles again…

Tell us a few cuisines which are his favorites?

Italian, Mexican, Spanish, French, Indian, Thai, Middle Eastern….Chef pauses for a while and continues… Japanese as well… The Chef proudly says “I am happy to please his palette with some of the world’s most unique flavors…

Lastly, when the Chef was asked, is there a secret recipe of yours that Mr. Pallushek relishes on?

A chef with a smile replies…. “Yes, there are many” and shares one of his secrets of a flavorful recipe ‘Linguine frutti di mare’, a home-made pasta with seafood cooked in classic tomato sauce flavored with garlic, basil & parsley,

This low fat spicy dish is a lip smacker of Mr. Pallushek’ he added.