START with the end in mind..

Posted on November 20th, 2014

Being a ‘real’ businessman you should ideally reach a point in your life/path with an awareness of what’s good and what’s bad for your surroundings. If you are not there yet, then enjoy your journey or stand still – reflect and change if you see that there is a need.

People are walking through valleys and climbing mountains to reach their aim which they should have chosen wisely. Every venture you are starting leaves a personal trace so you can make the greatest success if you are determined and dedicated to the idea you are having and ultimately the success of a venture lies all in your hands.

Being aware of this, your journey will continue to be extremely outstanding and breathtaking. So was my experience! My long term goals have been always inspiring for me and others and was in perfect alignment with what I deserved and most wanted.

My awakening started 8 years back down the line, before I successfully sold my management consulting company to a foreign asset management holding.

One of the ways that your business can truly become more fulfilling for you is to start taking more risks,

Start investing in bigger opportunities.

Start showing up in bigger and more powerful ways.

Start doing things that typically will scare you; especially around money and opportunity. Take it!

Take that opportunity, whatever is in front of you. Go do it; because by taking that leap of faith, by putting trust in just your own self and stepping into the unknown – especially when it’s something that you feel that you really want to do – gives you such an incredible growth experience and expansion experience and an awareness that you are capable of so much more than your limiting mind is telling you.

So if you feel playing small feels “safe,” I understand, but ask yourself if that’s really what you want for you in life and for yourself.

After several decades of business experiences, now I’m advising others how to live a bigger, more engaging and more vibrant life

In this section, I’ll cheer you on – whatever that is – because I’m committed to supporting your growth in the way that’s best for you.

I will share my insights about good venture ideas, inspiring people, interesting IPO’s, rising and falling stocks and much more.

Or just my thoughts on what to do when and why.