We are what we share..

Posted on November 20th, 2014

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because, someone planted a tree long time ago”

For me it is not about giving money, but about solving problems, the idea of writing a cheque and calling it “philanthropy” is extremely short-sighted. Having a lot of money doesn’t make you a philanthropist or a humanitarian.  Knowing what to do with your money matters. Figuring out how to leverage your knowledge against the largest pool of capital possible makes more sense.

Over the years, I have always provided a sustainable support, instead of short sighted solutions.

This is what I learned from my family and also when I left home to study abroad. I’m still working with a lot of joy and  I’m willing to share with those who don’t have enough.

I´m not the biggest fan of the social welfare schemes because I came across a lot of people tagged under “living with benefits” but relaxing in front of a 60 inch flat television and complaining about circumstances of being unemployed.

This is a life attitude which should not be supported. We take choices every day, we just have to choose right.

For me, Philanthropy and the service to humanity should be more than just an afterthought or something to do because it’s “nice” instead it is to make a lasting social change.